Best of Business Card 2010


365 days have passed and almost the same amount of business cards to choose from this year from. For what? –for candidates of which business cards will make it to the much awaited Best of Business Card Design 2010! So before we close this year, we painstakingly choose one for each category of business cards. It’s not an easy task since we feature the creme de la creme of business cards here at

Cute Business Card

Really, what could be cuter than a business card that looks like a well loved icy-treat that splits in half like a real popsicle. That’s why Duo‘s takes the title of Cutest Business Card of 2010.

Crazy Business Card

There were a few crazy designs in the Craziest Business Cards-post but the combination of a toothbrush, a duck and a hair dryer in Thompson Photography’s business card was by far the wackiest idea we’ve seen this year.

Cool Business Card

A sticker-pack and business card at the same time, Stubborn Sideburn‘s business card snatches the coolest business card of 2010 award.

Creative Business Card

Creativity in buiness cards is hard to judge but since we have to narrow our pick to just one, we applaud the creative minds behind Adrian Likin’s business card that transforms into a fully functioning caliper.

Designer Business Card

This business card for Timebomb Kustoms just really stands out as a great designer business card.

DieCut Business Card

Gita Ayu’s business card was the most rational pick for the winner for Best Die-cut Business Card of this year for it’s great die-cut design that looks like a real brick.

Double Sided Business Card

Out of all the double sided business card in the category, Andres Alvarado‘s business card was our choice for the class and elegance it brings to business cards of the same category.

Embossed Business Card

This business card focused entirely on the embossed design that we just had to give it the Best Embossed Business Card of the year award.

Folding Business Card

Because of it’s intricate folding design, Elod Beregszaszi‘s business card wins this round.

Full Color Business Card

For it’s simple, modernist design that champions the color as the chief eye-grabbing element, we chose Fran Rosa‘s business card as the Best Full-color Business Card of 2010.

Funny Business Card

I think this business card for Dr. Harnal Kirpov is without a doubt, the most obvious choice for Funniest Business Card of 2010.

Glossy Business Card

Smartson‘s great spot-coating design wins the Best Glossy Business Card award for 2010.

Metal Business Card

Clement Solution‘s can-opener business card wins the Best Metal Business Card award for 2010, if not the most functional one.

Photo Business Card

Joao Pedro Cunha‘s great use of his own photo in his business card takes home the award for Best Photo Business Card of the year.

Plastic Business Card

Textured Business Card

Simple Business Card

Pao & Lee Design Office, winner of the Best Simple Business Card award for the understated cool simplicity of this piece.

Minimalist Business Card

Coco understands elegant minimalism and so the award goes to their exemplary business card.

And with that we close the book of 2010 but be sure to look forward to great designs in 2011, only here at