Business Card Design Idea Brainstorming


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Some of the roadblocks of designing come in the form of what is most commonly known as writer’s block. Not only writers have have to deal with it – artists and creators in general experience this creative block, or in worse cases a complete dry spell of the fountain of imagination.

When this happens it is advised to seek inspiration in someone else’s work. Some artists accomplish this by taking a walk to occasionally get inspired by the works of nature itself.

If you’re designing a business card and are having trouble finding that spark of inspiration, you can do just the same as artists and take a stroll in hopes of inspiration striking you.  Alternatively, you could get your creative juices flowing from just sitting in front of your computer and researching some ideas for your business card by looking up samples.

Sampling is an effective way of igniting your imagination. By looking at someone else’s work you can be inspired to create a business card like a great one you saw, and then create something from the same mold. You might even be inspired to out-do it and make an even greater card of your own design.

Or it can also go the other way and inspiration might come to you in the form of catalysis.

You might think to yourself while looking at a particular card ‘That is one thing I’m not going to do if I’ll be creating a good business card!’ or ‘It would have been better if the creator did not put so and so over there’ (for ideas of what and what not to do check this article out. )

Once your imagination gets going it can even lead to the thoughts: ‘If I made that card, instead of doing that—I’ll do this because it will look more attractive’ or perhaps ‘I’ll put this here instead so the contact details are more visible.’

Sampling is a really good way to give your imagination a nudge. Not only that, it gives you an idea of how the people in your industry (if you’re in the music industry or the graphic design industry) are making their cards.