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This site was launched out of our own frustrations in finding business card concept and ideas in one place. After organizing all of our favorite business card designs in one place, was born. We now scour the web to find cool and unique business card designs to serve as an inspiration to other designers.

If you’re looking to submit a business card design, it is 100% free. See our submit page for details.


Advertising with offers you an efficient way to reach hundreds of graphic designers and business owners each day.

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We offer a variety of ways for you to advertise on Business Card Design Ideas.

Image Banners:

Banners are great for getting your message across effectively and quickly. It is perfect for both branding and encouraging response. We have a variety of banner sizes located on this site.

Right Sidebar – Large Rectangles:

  • 300×250 px
  • Premium adspace
  • Appears through out the site, on all pages
  • Available placements: 2

Footer – Square Buttons:

  • 125×125 px
  • Appears through out the site, on all pages
  • Available placements: 7

To purchase the adspace, please visit ###.


Advertorials are described as an advertisement written in the form of an objective article, and presented in a printed publication. They are great for providing more information about your company, products, events, or campaigns. Advertorials will remain on our site forever.

Our advertorials comes in two flavors.

Written by You:

Since you know your products and services best, you will write the advertorial and provide any supporting images and documents if applicable.

This advertorial is subject to our approval and editing before it is posted on our site. Don’t worry, we will make sure you approve of any changes before it goes live.

Written by Us:

If you are short on time, we can write the advertorial for you. Preparation involves an interview and communcation via phone, VOIP, IM, and/or emails. You will provide any supporting materials.

We will make sure you approve of the article before it is posted on our site.

Each advertorial includes the following:

  • Up to 3 direct links accepted – these links will be “nofollowed” per Google guidelines
  • Up to 6 supporting images, documents, rich media accepted
  • Max file size of supporting documents can not exceed 1mb
  • Article can not exceed 600 words
  • Posted on a date of your preference
  • Preceding the headline and title will be “Sponsored Article:” or “Advertorial:”

Please contact us to discuss the

Ad Purchasing Guidelines

The majority of our users are graphic designers who visit our site for design inspiration. To preserve the quality of our website, we will only accept ad purchases from industries relevant to our user base.

Some examples of relevant industries include printing services, graphic/video design services, graphic/video design software, graphic/video on demand software, web hosting.