Christian Business Cards as God’s Tool for Ministry


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Religious activities are comparable to a business enterprise.

In essence, both of these organizations aim to reach a lot of people and make conversions.

Though the church has nobler and less profit oriented causes than most business enterprises, both institutions need to ‘market’ themselves to people (it’s unfortunate that the word ‘marketing’ has been associated so often with deception, but it isn’t always the case. Marketing has more to do with information dissemination and helping people when done correctly).

Similar to a business, the church needs to make their presence known to the people. You want to tell people that your church is alive and in operation like how a store would say that they are open for business.

To do this it is useful to get yourself a business card. Whether you are a pastor, a priest, a part of the church’s active staff or a regular church goer, a Christian business card will serve your purposes in reaching more people.

There are times that your church might be doing a volunteer service or a music event. At times like this it will be great to be able to hand your business card to people who are not already part of the church to encourage them to join you at church next Sunday. You’ll never know when your business card will be a godsend to someone who might be experiencing life troubles or difficulties. A business card might just be God’s tool for you to reach out to someone in their time of need.

Even if a person might be hesitant at first to go to church, your business card might be lying around his or her table just in a time of need to remind that person that you and the church can help them. He or she will know just where to go or who to call in that instance, thanks to your Christian business card.

If you want to know where to get business cards, there are a few stores around the internet where you can get them. You can find a good collection of Christian business cards here.